A Walk

One of the best thing in life
Having a dream
And be able to work hard to achieve it

One of the worst thing in life
Not knowing who we are
And living directionless



Life is tough
We can’t expect it to be
All smooth
All sweet
There will always be some sour, bitter, and rough in there
But as long as we are aware of what we are doing
We know where we should be going to
We’ll be fine walking on the path we are choosing
There will be time that we may feel exhausted
The legs are getting wobbly
And then we fall
Few times or many times or so many times
Got some wounds
Feel pain
We will be fine
As long as we can still see the direction
All we need to do is trying to keep on track
And keep on the move
Although we need to be crawling all the way
If we happen to get confuse or lost
Then seek some light
Ask the one who’s never leave us one bit
And life will become easier
It doesn’t mean we’ll get less pain
But we’ll get more strength
And clearer sight