A Walk

One of the best thing in life
Having a dream
And be able to work hard to achieve it

One of the worst thing in life
Not knowing who we are
And living directionless



Often times
Death seems like just another word from the dictionary
Until it comes to someone close to us
Then we can feel more than what the dictionary can explain

A Note

From a failure, we should learn how to be patient and to do something in a better way
From a success, we should learn how to be humble, be forgiving, and keep doing things not less than our best


To everyone
Who come to my life
Either who stay or just passing by
Thank you
For helping me to learn things
That I may not find in books
I hope I can grow wiser as a person day by day
And be able to bring out the best in me
Before the time I need to leave

Under Cover

Everybody has scars
Some are visible
Some are hidden

To Do List

Read more
Write more
Learn more
Share more

Read a lot
Write a lot
Learn a lot
Share a lot