Little Master of Silence

I am sitting with beautiful kids
They speak in silence
Their fingers dancing as they speak
It’s as clear as a voice

They are not choosing to silent
They are just not able to hear

I remember I complained a lot last time because people were too loud, not even care their surrounding needed a lil piece of quiet

Good to see you guys
Be great in the occation
Wish the best of luck for you
Thanks for the accompany :)

*Wish I know a lil bit of your language so we can talk :)
You guys not talking about me, are you? Haha..


Smart Student

I just went out to a book store and there I happened to find a book note with an interesting cover, like a page of comic. There is a short dialog between a teacher and his student in it.

Student: Sir, I have a question.
Teacher: What is it?
Student: Will you be angry for something we haven’t done, Sir?
Teacher: Of course not :)
Student: Oh, thank you Sir. We actually haven’t done the homework.
Teacher: !!??

Kocak .. lol

Get Well Soon

Sosok luar biasa berhati baja. Berperangai lembut dengan kesabaran tanpa batas. She’ll do anything for her children. She is a wonder woman, a mother.

When I was a child, I got sick quite often. If any of my friends got infected by any diseases, few days later would be my turn. It’s almost predictable for me.

My mom often told me like not to play with my friends who were sick (sometime they’re still go to school, although they’re not fully recovered yet). But I just couldn’t do it. It’s a bit rude for me to do that. Like letting them being isolated. If I were them, I would’ve been feeling horrible if my friends left me alone, not playing with me at all. But well, I ended made my mom having horrible days, seeing her youngest child staying on the bed looking so weak.

“Don’t be sick. I’d rather myself than you to be one”, mom said to me.

I never forget these words. Never did. Never will.

Now, seeing mom not feeling well recently is annoying. Annoying because I can’t really help at all. Sad. Seeing mom sick is just.. I don’t want to see it.

I may use her words as well.