When Sunday comes, my mother often buy this for us. A lady sells it in the market near my house. This is one of traditional cuisine from my hometown, Cirebon, West Java. It may look awful but taste beautiful. It’s also quite cheap. I recommend it is best for breakfast. My mother is a great cook, but she never tried to make it.

Image source: Kuliner Cirebon




This is my family’s favorite main course. It is originally from Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. You know what? My mom’s palumara is absolutely bang on. I often bragging about this to my friends. It’ll be perfect to eat it along with sambal kemangi and of course rice. I keep talking about sambal, but I actually can’t really eat spicy food tho. And well, anybody who like spicy food will never consider my mom’s sambal as a spicy one. Beside my brothers, in my family, no one can really eat spicy food. I am bad at it. My father is worse than me.

Image source: Layalli – Pallumara Bandeng

Plecing Kangkung


This dish is just yummy. There is a small stall near my campus selling it. Every time I go there, I always take it into my plate. Actually they sell many other Balinese tasty food there. I am just not able to eat most of the choices on the menu as they are too spicy for me. The plecing kangkung is also spicy though, but it’s that far I can handle, along with the rice of course.

All of a sudden I feel like wanna try to make it when I get home. If I make it myself, I can adjust the spiciness according to my level. So, I can enjoy it with no worry.

This is the recipe

  • 1,5 kg kangkung
  • 100 gr kacang tanah goreng (jika suka)

Resep Bumbu Pelecing Kangkung Bali :

  • minyak kelapa 20 ml
  • cabai merah besar 50 gr
  • terasi 5 gr
  • kemiri 5 gr
  • bawang merah 10 gr
  • bawang putih 5 gr
  • tomat 20 gr
  • 2 buah jeruk limau
  • garam dan gula pasir secukupnya

Cara Membuat Pelecing Kangkung Bali :

  • Potong kangkung, buang bagian batang yang tua. Rebus dalam air mendidih yang telah diberi sedikit garam sampai matang.
  • Angkat dan rendam dengan air es agar warnanya tetap cerah ceria.
  • Suwir-suwir kangkung setelah dingin, sisihkan.
  • Haluskan bahan bumbu kecuali jeruk limau. Biarkan bumbu ini mentah. Beri air perasan jeruk limau, gula, garam dan minyak kelapa.
  • Saat akan dihidangkan. Aduk kangkung dan bumbu, beri taburan kacang tanah goreng. {I prefer not to stir it tho, my taste :)}
  • Pelecing Kangkung Bali siap disantap.

I copy this recipe from

Image source: Resep Indonesia – Plecing Kangkung