Amazing Books

Reading is one of the way I relax my mind. Really great friends to spend some spare time with. Here I want to share some of my favorite books which all great to read and hold a great memory for me.

Islamic Books

  • Muhammad by Martin Lings
  • Jalan Cinta Para Pejuang by Salim A. Filah
  • Hiburan Orang-orang Shalih by Muhammad Amin Al-Jundi
  • 100 Muslim Paling Berpengaruh Sepanjang Sejarah by Muhammad Mojlum Khan
  • The Perfect Muslimah by Ahmad Rifa’i Rif’an
  • How to Master Your Habits by Felix Y. Siauw
  • Buku Pintar Akhlak by Dr. Amr Khaled
  • Jangan Jadi Muslimah Nyebelin by Asma Nadia
  • Petuah-petuah Rasulullah seputar masalah Etika (Jilid 3) by Syamsul Rijal Hamid

muhammad2jalan-cinta-para-pejuang-salim-a-fillahhiburan_orang_shaleh_b100 Muslim Paling berpengaruh Sepanjang Sejarahm16173789How_to_Master_yo_4fb824d43e4b7gambarjangan-jadi-muslimah-nyebelinIMG1956


  • Negeri 5 Menara by A. Fuadi
  • Ranah 3 Warna by A. Fuadi
  • Sang Pemimpi by Andrea Hirata
  • Timeline by Michael Crichton
  • Congo by Michael Crichton
  • First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung
  • 24 Wajah Billy by Daniel Keyes
  • Charlie si Jenius Dungu by Daniel Keyes
  • So B. It by Sarah Weeks
  • T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton
  • Ayat-ayat Cinta by Habiburrahman El Shirazy
  • Venus: Duka Lara si Anak Cantik by Torey Hayden
  • Kevin: Belenggu Masa Lalu by Torey Hayden
  • Harry Potter 1-7 by JK Rowling

cover negri 5 menararanah-tiga-warna1sang20pemimpi20gdheTimelinecongoFirst-Killed-FatherbillCharliemSo_B._It_by_Sarah_WeeksTayat ayat cintam-venus


  • Aku by Chairil Anwar
  • The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D



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