We can’t make a cake with too much sugar, too much salt, or too much baking powder
No matter how we decorate it beautifully, no body will try a second bite
We need to balance those ingredients to make the cake tasty
Balancing those ingredient doesn’t mean using them in the same amount
But in a nice proportion

We also need to consider whom we want to serve the cake to
Kids like sweet more, adding more chocolate will make them delighted
But still, we shouldn’t add it too much as it’s bad for them
Teenagers or adults may like more textures in the cake, we can add crushed nuts or some slices of fruits
While elders may prefer less sweet and smooth texture, their teeth are weak
This consideration should not only talking about what they like but also what they can eat and what they can’t,
what is good, what is bad

This goes the same as how we choose our words
We should think a sec
Whom we are talking to
Cook our thoughts nicely before we serve them through words
As a wounded heart may hard to heal


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