Ugly Face

Maybe for this whole life, we never see them as beautiful things. They are just not beautiful. But they always come when we need them. Although what they bring is a bitter cake instead of a sweet cake.

Throwing curses most likely not the way to wellcome their coming. See them and bring out our big heart, patience, and believe. Then we’ll realise that they do not just bring a simply bitter cake. There’s a sweet chocolate inside the bitter ugly looking cake.

That’s what problems for us. They bring nothing but pains. Such bitter pieces of life. But when we see it another way, problems give us also wonderful things.

Problems come to make us stronger than we used to be. They let us experience hardtimes so that we can think thoroughly about things and endure pains not to be in our comfort zone. Getting stronger won’t be the only award at the end of the story. When we succeed it, we will be no one but a mature person.


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